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What is "Eclectique Massage"?

Eclectique is a bodywork infusion of different massage modalities.
These include:

  • Thai Massage stretches (done on the table rather than a traditional mat on the floor)

  • Pressure Points/Trigger Points used in Neuromuscular Therapy to release "Knots" and pain

  • Deep Effleurage to stimulate circulation

All combined with an intuitive aptitude to facilitate healing and help the body release tension on its own in a very involuntary way. 

It is both healing and therapeutic, treating the pain with a holistic approach to the body to avoid further injuries.

Especially effective in helping people with various problems and discomfort such as:

  • severe (bed ridden) migraines and headaches

  • neck tension; inability to turn the head in either direction

  • shoulder and joint pain that causes limited range of motion

  • pain "in between the shoulder blades"

  • low back pain

  • numbness, tingling in the arms

  • sciatic pain

  • tight Hamstrings/Quads, which can lead to lower back pain

  • Hip Pain and the feeling of one leg being "higher" than the other (iliopsoas syndrome)

...among many other conditions.


A combination of oils are also to clear and drain the Sinuses.

This technique has been very beneficial for those who practice YOGA, Professional DANCERS, and ATHLETES.

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